Ms. Splosion Man Announced for iPhone and iPad

The indies just keep on coming. Twisted Pixel has announced that they’re bringing their Xbox Live Arcade game Ms. Splosion Man to iOS this summer. The title originally came out last year to positive critical reception, and it seems like it would be a good fit for the platform.

Ms Splosion Man is a side-scrolling platformer that tells the goofy tale of a creature made of energy who wants to escape the lab where she was created. To do that, she must make her way though many levels full of pits, platforms, rails, glass panes, enemy robots, and evil scientists. The signature gameplay element is that she explodes to jump, which she can do up to three times before her feet must meet the ground again.

In addition to iPhone and iPad, the game is coming out for PC and Windows Phone 7. While the PC will get more of a direct port of the XBLA game, the press release says, “The iPhone and iPad versions will be a unique experience built specifically for those devices with familiar content but all new features, objectives and gameplay modes.”

There’s no word on the price or exact release date, but they promise it will hit the App Store this summer. If you just can’t wait for that long to play Ms Splosion Man, you can always download the shameless clone MaXplosion to tide you over.

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