Mr.O On The Fly

When Mr. O meets the Gods and Goddesses in ancient Greek Myth, guess what happens?

Great graphics; fun concept--Andrew,Slide To Play
It's nifty seeing what the little guys you pass or run into do--syntheticvoid, Toucharcade Forum

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Mr. O On The Fly Review

We’ve all felt this way before: Knocked around by fate, flying through life, not knowing what’s next. In this game, Mr. O (who looks a great deal like Barack Obama) takes on the role of a bouncing ball in a series of brutal whackings at the hands of ancient Greek gods. Too bad it’s not as fun as it sounds.

Mr. O On The Fly is one of those flying high-score games where you have to go as far as possible with one big push. Like in Berzerk Ball, you start off with an initial paddling, this time from Apollo’s fiery chariot, and as you go flying and bouncing you have to try to hit another god that will propel you along further. There are also gods that will slow you down, and one that will stop you in your tracks with a loving embrace.

Play me out, DJ Zeus.

You can propel Mr. O on your own by swiping the screen, resulting in another boost from Apollo, but you start the game with only three of these boosts. More have to be unlocked in the game’s store, and it’ll take a lot of rounds before you’ve saved up enough gold.

While we really enjoyed the game’s charming graphics and weird concept, the gameplay is too random to keep us coming back. When Mr. O goes flying, there’s nothing you can do to affect his trajectory except use one of your three boosts. Unlike in Tiny Wings, where you could dip your flyer down to Earth by pressing on the screen, Mr. O is mostly at the mercy of random chance.

Poseidon’s gonna whale on you.

As a result, the game feels a bit like a slot machine. As you go flying, you’ll see profile pictures of the various gods and goddesses that can either help or hurt you. These whiz by quickly, then slow down as you lose speed, until eventually you run smack into one of them. If this were a true flying game, Mr. O would be able to glide, dip, or steer his way into the gods and goddesses he wanted.

Mr. O On The Fly has a great concept, but it takes too much control away from the player. If you could tilt the device or press on the screen to control your flight, this game would be far more addictive. We’re hoping to see some quality updates for Mr. O, because nothing’s more frustrating than being randomly batted around by the gods.

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