Mr. Mahjong touch

Mr. Mahjong touch is a game from , originally released 31st December, 1969

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Mr. Mahjong Touch Review

A combination of four Mr. Mahjong games all rolled into one, you’ll get plenty of tile layouts for your money here, and the option to double that amount via in-app purchases is a nice touch. Just don’t expect anything more than some solid mahjong.

Unlike App Store competition Mahjongg Artifacts: Chapter 2, Mr. Mahjong Touch doesn’t add a story element to the matching game or feature any comic cutscenes, but the actual gameplay is solid.

The tile layouts are split into four different groups, 25 from each of the first three Mr. Mahjong games and 25 new ones. New backgrounds and tiles are introduced every five layouts, offering plenty of variety when it comes to tile and background designs.

Mr. Mahjong’s O-face.

Generally, it’s pretty easy to see the tiles on the screen, and you can zoom in or switch from landscape to portrait view to get a good look at the board. A hint option will help you when you get stuck, and you can undo moves if there are still matches left on the board.

If you manage to work your way through the included 100 tile layouts, which will take quite a while, there are 100 additional layouts available for purchase in sets of 25, for $.99 each. You’re getting slightly better value per layout by buying the full game, and if you enjoyed it enough to clear the included content you’ll no doubt find the extras worth the expense.

The included music is workable, but tends to get old with repeated play. Luckily, you also have the option to play your own music.

Tile heaven.

As you play the game you’ll unlock coins, which can be spent in a store to upgrade your basic abilities, like shuffling the board, undoing actions, or getting hints. This provides you with some incentive to keep playing the game, and also helps if you get stuck on some of the more difficult layouts later in the game.

The menus are well-done, and everything loads quickly once you get started, but the initial load was surprisingly long on our iPhone 3G for a mahjong game. Luckily, the game resumes where you left off if you need to back out of the app or take a call.

Overall, Mr. Mahjong Touch delivers some solid matching action, but it doesn’t do anything spectacular. If you’re looking for a good game of mahjong on the go, this is a good place to start.

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