Mr. Bounce

Mr. Bounce is a game from , originally released 31st December, 1969

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Mr. Bounce Review

There seem to be a lot of Misters in the App Store lately: So far we’ve met Mr. Driller, Mr. Aahh!, and now, Mr. Bounce. Of the three, Mr. Bounce the bouncing square ball probably has the least amount of personality himself, but the music and graphics he surrounds himself with help make up for it.

Mr. Bounce consists of five levels, with five stages each. You use the paddle at the bottom of the screen to ricochet him into shapes that you need to collect. Unlike Arkanoid, though, Mr Bounce doesn’t stay perpetually in motion on his own. You have to set the height he’ll bounce at, which adds another level of strategy.

Plus, he’ll bounce around some whacked out level designs. A few have moving platforms, gusts of wind, and other crazy hazards. One notable level requires you to bounce your ball through a narrow series of halls, trying to collect every errant object without even using your paddle.

Hop, skip, and a jump.

One incredible addition that makes Mr. Bounce special is the slow-motion effect, which you can trigger by holding down a button in the top-left corner of the screen. You can’t use it endlessly, since it will need to recharge every minute or so, but this ability lets you tinker with the physics in all sorts of interesting ways. It’s easily the most unique thing about Mr. Bounce, right next to the electronica music that builds as you progress through the stages.

Mr. Bounce is a fun experience, but after playing through the brief 25 levels you may not feel the need to replay them again. There is an online high-score mechanic, but we’d want more levels before giving this game our very highest recommendation. A future update with more levels would be just the thing to bring Mr. Bounce a little higher, but it’s still a good use of your time and money as it is now.

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