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MovieCat! Review

Does anyone care to hazard a guess as to why movie trivia would be in any way related to a love of cats? We picture a shut-in with a Netflix account and a dozen mewling felines sharing the couch reading this, saying, “Finally, a game made just for me!”

You don’t have to be some kind of crazy cat-person to enjoy MovieCat!, but a scary-deep knowledge of movies, actors, and awards is essential. MovieCat!, unlike movie trivia games like Scene It!, doesn’t use clips or still images taken directly from movies to set up your questions. Instead, it relies on an impressive variety of question types, only a few of which have a visual component.

Starring Bill Meowry.

A typical example of a text-based question would be “Which 3”, where you’d have to pick, say, the three main actresses from 1988’s Mystic Pizza. Meanwhile, a more visual question would give you a cat-version of a pair of movie poster, while you have to guess the actor that appeared in both. Knowing one of them isn’t enough, as several of the answers you have to pick from are possibly correct if you have incomplete knowledge of the titles.

There are so many great categories that you’ll never feel bored when playing through a 25-question game. Our personal favorite is the recurring costume ID question, where you’re given just the outfits and have to guess the movie. Another favorite of ours gives you lines of dialogue, delivered without any context.

If you can survive 25 questions without losing nine lives, you’ll be rewarded with a “cat scene”, a famous image from a movie reenacted using cats. These make for great iPhone wallpapers, and you can replay the game ten times to unlock them all. Five more are available in an extra set of questions for 99 cents.

When our cat shows up covered in blood, it’s because it left a headless mouse on the porch.

MovieCat! absolutely nails what’s essential for any trivia game: It has an incredible variety of trivia questions, at just the right level of obscurity, and delivered in several interesting ways. The cat theme is just a bonus, if you like cats.

We were disappointed that there’s no competitive multiplayer mode, though this game is great to play with a friend. Another disappointment is that the eclectic collection of cats who appear in the intro video don’t actually appear in the game.

Without a doubt, if you love movies, this is the best trivia app since Trivial Pursuit. Get onto the App Store and buy it meow.

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