Moto Racer On the Big Screen

We’ve been watching the exploration that Erica Sadun and others have been doing with some undocumented video-out features in the iPhone 2.2 SDK.

The potential for playing iPhone games on the big screen is pretty compelling. The mockups and test apps so far haven’t been too exciting, but we’ve seen the gleam of potential.

Well, the folks at Ars must have thought so too, but they managed to get somebody to do something about it.

Freeverse, known for some of the most visually impressive iPhone games, has gotten into the experimental spirit, hacking up a proof of concept version of their hit Moto Racer game.

Unfortunately, there are a couple of stumbling blocks to seeing this in your own living room.

First, this functionality is undocumented and not part of the official SDK which developers are required to conform to for publishing through the App Store. Whether or not this capability is given to developers is up to Apple.

The second issue is a technical one’”it takes a lot of horsepower to run these games out to video. The television output is higher resolution (and possibly less accelerated, although it’s unclear) than the internal display, which of course means higher processor and GPU load.

Regardless, it’s great to see a glimpse at what might be the next big technical advancement in iPhone/iPod Touch gaming.

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