More Sneaky App Store Tactics

Developers on the App Store have reinvented a search engine optimization from the early days of the web. Remember those pages full of keywords?

Paul Haddad over at Tapbots has posted about an “optimization” he’s noticed recently in the App Store.

There are quite a few titles that have misleading or gratuitous mention of other companies’ games. The example he points out are a couple titles that say something like:

“Currently Playing: koi pond, cube, animal farm, hockey, metro, photo bag, filed runners, cro-mag rally, tap tap, rolando’¦”

This little finesse move on the behalf of some less scrupulous developers is unfortunate, and is indicative of how dysfunctional the App Store is.

It’s a real free-for-all, with some people making some pretty desperate moves. While the App Store continues to be such a unpredictable king-maker, this tactic, and others, will continue to evolve.

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