More Details on Square Enix’s Crystal Defenders

Earlier today, news about Square Enix’s upcoming iPhone game Crystal Defenders broke across the web, ending up on FingerGaming, Touch Arcade, and many other websites. Now it’s our turn.

Squeenix (as we used to call it at GameSpot) is not unlike the Apple of the video games world; tens of millions of fanboys (and girls) from every corner of the globe follow the Final Fantasy and Dragon Warrior/Dragon Quest publisher’s every move, scouring the web for new tidbits of information about Cloud Strife’s next appearance. In Japan, the company’s following is so profound that many employers call an unofficial holiday whenever a new Dragon Quest game is released. So, when Square Enix announces it is throwing its hat into the iPhone ring, we are obliged to get extra-investigative!

According to, Crystal Defenders is actually a collection of three Tower Defense-style mobile games featuring the character classes from Final Fantasy Tactics. Siliconera further reports that the iPhone game will feature all 300+ levels from the three Crystal Guardians games, which have not yet been distributed outside of Japan.

The gameplay sounds a lot like traditional Tower Defense. There are six character classes/tower types to choose from, from basic soldiers to powerful magical classes; you park these guys in various spots around a maze, earn money as they slaughter waves of monsters, and then spend cash to level them up.

Word on the street is that the game will hit the Japanese App Store sometime this winter. There are no details on a possible Western release, although Square Enix’s recent trademarking of the name in the U.S. is very promising. We will bring you more info on this exciting title as soon as it becomes available.

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