Monster Mayhem

Monster Mayhem is a game from , originally released 31st December, 1969

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Monster Mayhem Review

Castle defense games are easy to get burnt out on. After all, one can only swipe and tap for so long before your fingers begin to tire. If this doesn’t sound fun, Monster Mayhem is not for you. It’s the same game we’ve been playing since StickWars and Knights Onrush popularized the genre. However, those looking for more of the same will find Monster Mayhem to be a solid title.

Monster Mayhem focuses on tapping the screen as opposed to flicking enemies away. The premise is still the same, though: Rid the screen of intruders before they reach your gates. There are eight weapons in total, ranging from shotguns to flamethrowers and nukes. Each can be upgraded with coins picked up from dead monsters at the shop that appears between levels.

They did the monster mash.

What makes Monster Mayhem a bit different from its counterparts is that each monster has its own set of stats and weapons it can resist. For example, slimes can be shot and cut up, but aren’t hurt by the flamethrower or lightning spell. Each enemy you encounter is added to a Monster Almanac, where you can quickly look up its weakness and how many times you’ve killed it.

Another unique twist are the flowers. These place themselves into different formations each round and are virtually indestructible. Their main goal is provide cover for the baddies. Attacking around them requires some precision, and prevents you from winning by sporadically tapping.

The main campaign consists of six worlds, each with about five levels. The last of the set is a boss battle, many of which are quite interesting. For example, the yeti boss reveals his weak spots right before trying to smash through your gate, and you must convince him not to by quickly dealing as much damage as possible. He also throws TNT barrels that you must destroy.

In this game the plants are the zombies.

Upon beating the game, two endless modes and the hardest difficulty level are unlocked. The first is your classic survival mode against unending waves. We were most interested in the Boss Rush mode, though. This pits you against all the bosses to test how long you can survive. Both of these are strengthened by the Crystal online leaderboards.

As is the nature of the castle defense genre, there is a lot of tapping. When we say a lot, we mean it: There should be a warning in the app description that the game can cause your finger to fall off or go right through the touchscreen. We’re still waiting for a developer who can take this overused formula in a new direction.

However, with plenty of personality and a nice layer of strategy, Monster Mayhem is a worthwhile purchase if you’re looking for a new castle defense game. Just don’t expect it to break down any barriers.

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