‘Monster Hunter Freedom Unite’ First Impressions

We’ll have a full review up as soon as possible, but I’ve been dabbling in Monster Hunter Freedom Unite for a few days, and I can report that it’s very good, absolutely enormous, and definitely worth $14.99. You can grab it from the App Store here, or you can read on for some early impressions of the game.

As geeky gamers know, the Monster Hunter series has been a blockbuster hit in Japan for years, but has yet to go “full Pokemon” in the U.S. Part of that could be because the game is ridiculously deep, with tons of weapons and armor to buy or craft. Plus, loads of strategy goes into taking down monsters as you progress.


On iOS, the graphics look great. As you explore the opening village and surrounding snowy environments, everything is rendered in colorful, crisp detail. The only time the visuals dipped in quality on my retina iPad mini was during the pre-rendered cutscenes, which were clearly made for lower-res screens.

The touchscreen controls have been handled very well, which is extremely important in a game that requires twitch reactions during fights with giant beasts. The game also supports MFi controllers, so if you have one of those lying around you can forego the touch controls. And if you have three like-minded friends, you can play co-op with them over Wi-Fi.


So far I’m extremely impressed by Monster Hunter Freedom Unite. If you’ve spent many sleepless nights lying awake drenched in sweat, wondering what the big deal is with Monster Hunter, this is a great way to find out for a very reasonable price. Look for our full review soon.

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