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Monorace Review

Some of the best iPhone games are controlled with a single tap. This type of gameplay requires only one hand and doesn’t have buttons or D-pads to distract you from the game. Monorace adopts this control scheme and backs it up with awesome, futuristic time runs, making it the perfect fit for both long and short play sessions.

In Monorace, you pick one of three characters (each with their own voice acting) and race them on a circular monobike. This racecar of the future is magnetic and can stick to the ground or ceiling by tapping the screen. You’ll need to avoid hitting walls and collect time deductions floating in the air.

In order to get the best time, there are some tricks. The big one is switching sides right before a ramp, as rolling up the ramp causes you to lose speed due to friction. You can also ride over speed-increasing platforms, but watch out for the speed-decreasing platforms often located nearby.

We swear, that bike’s not “It” from South Park.

Completing a level nets you a star, but beating one or both developer times grants you two or three stars, respectively. In order to unlock new levels, you have to earn a certain amount of stars.

Two difficulty settings are available, both of which include all 40 levels, and the difference between the two is the speed of the game. Each has its own separate star count, so playing the levels on beginner won’t have any effect on your progress in pro mode.

This is why you wear a helmet.

On top of the levels, an endless mode is available. Plus, Monorace has OpenFeint leaderboards and friend challenges for every level and endless mode. Another cool feature is that you can see the top scores of your friends on the pre-race screen.

Monorace did crash on us multiple times in our testing, including in the middle of an endless run, and another instance when we left the game inactive for around ten seconds. When the game crashes, it doesn’t allow you to pick up where you left off, which can be a bit aggravating.

Despite the bugs, Monorace is Craneball Studio’s best offering yet, even more fun than Blimp and 33rd Division. The fast-paced racing gameplay is great, but flawless social integration really brings it full circle. Don’t hesitate to give Monorace a test run.

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