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Minecraft is about placing blocks to build things and going on adventures!

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Mojang Details Plans for Minecraft – Pocket Edition

When Minecraft – Pocket Edition was released last month, we weren’t exactly satisfied with how it turned out. It’s an extremely stripped down version of the popular PC sandbox game, but it sells for a premium price. Most Minecraft fans seemed to agree with our assessment, and wished it had more features. Well, it looks like developer Mojang has heard your complaints. They’ve just released a blog post that details their plans for the app.

Basically, Mojang plans to bring new features to the mobile game, but only the ones that work well on a touchscreen. That means you can expect to see crafting, enemies, and an item system in the future. See below for the full list. There’s no word on when these updates will hit, but we’ll be sure to update our review if necessary when they do.

‘¢A new file system–to make sure we can support items and mobs in the world

‘¢Item system–to be able to pick up items

‘¢Crafting–we know you want this :) This will probably need some iterations since the interface will be customized for the touch devices

‘¢Inventory system

‘¢Mobs–animals and enemies!

‘¢Optimizing rendering code–we are experimenting with caves but need to make it work better before we are able to release it

‘¢Clean up of code and overall optimization

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News via Touch Arcade:

Minecraft: Pocket Edition 0.11 Update Coming Very Soon

It’s been a long time in the making, but it seems Mojang has finally submitted the 0.11 update for Minecraft: Pocket Edition iOS. Now we play the waiting game.

Mojang mentioned that there’ll be different ways to get skins for your character. You’ll be able to get them for free if you upload the skin from the internet (there are a gazillion skins online), you can create your own using the Minecraft: Skin Studio app [$2.99], or use one of the free skins available in game.

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News via Touch Arcade:

The Nether is Coming to Minecraft Pocket Edition

The Nether is literally Minecraft’s hell, a perilous underworld dimension boiling over with lava and crawling with hazards. And it’s been noticeably absent from Minecraft Pocket Edition. That should change soon: Developer Tommaso Checchi revealed The Nether is incoming. No word on when the territory will be implemented, but hopefully it’ll happen before hell freezes over.

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‘Minecraft – Pocket Edition’ is Pretty Popular

If a device has a screen, chances are you can play Minecraft on it. Since the game is the very definition of ubiquitous, you might be surprised by just how many people have bought it on mobile devices. Or not, because studies have shown that there’s not a person under 20 who hasn’t played the game in the past two hours.

Anyway, developer Mojang has announced on its blog that Minecraft – Pocket Edition, which first hit the App Store in 2011, has been purchased 30 million times. Not bad for a souped-up game of digital Legos.

Much has happened in the Minecraft world since the pocket-sized version launched, including Mojang being scooped up by Microsoft and founder Markus “Notch” Persson wandering off to do his own thing.

To celebrate the numerical sales milestone, the developers are planning a question-and-answer session that will be streamed live over the Internet “later this week.” If you feel like asking them something, you can submit your questions here.

And in case you’re wondering how big of a number 30 million is, the company has put together a charming infographic right here.


Minecraft – Pocket Edition To Be Updated Next Month

When Minecraft: Pocket Edition hit the App Store, we were pretty disappointed. It felt unfinished and under-featured, but fortunately the folks at Mojang feel the same way. We’ll be seeing some big changes to the app sometime in February. Mojang’s Daniel Kaplan wrote in a blog today that the next Minecraft: Pocket Edition update will include ‘animals and new blocks,’ as well as lay the ‘foundation for survival [mode].’

It seems like they’ve responded well to the community and understand that people want an experience more comparable to Minecraft proper. They say that they originally set out to make the Pocket Edition a lot like Creative mode, but audience feedback would indicate that people want something else. This update will not introduce crafting to the game just yet, but we’re eager to see the direction Minecraft: Pocket Edition will take.

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Minecraft – Pocket Edition Review

Who doesn’t like Minecraft? No, seriously, tell us; we’ll fight them. We’ll also have a choice word or two for whoever decided to put Minecraft – Pocket Edition up for sale in its current state.

In case it’s your first day on the Internet in like a year, there’s an indie sandbox game called Minecraft that has pretty much set the world on fire. Even though it’s just getting its official release today, it’s already sold more than four million copies. Four million. Yeah. So the company behind Minecraft, Mojang, isn’t one you need to feel charitable towards when you see the $6.99 price tag on their iOS app, especially when it’s so underwhelming.

It’s the end of the world as we know it.

Even though there’s a paid version of Minecraft on PCs, there’s also a free version known as Minecraft Classic. It’s available to play in your browser on the official Minecraft website. Much like this mobile game, there are no resources to gather, items to craft, or enemies to protect yourself from. The world also is also finite in both the Classic and mobile versions, unlike the (nearly) limitless main game. Our problem is that Minecraft for iOS is less appealing than the version Mojang gives away for free.

Now, Minecraft has an aesthetic that some people might call ugly, but most of us find it charming and maybe even beautiful. The vast, procedurally-generated expanses you encounter combined with the vibrant color palette make for the kind of singular experience that Minecraft has been celebrated for.

Minecraft – Pocket Edition, on the other hand, is like an ugly, cloudy day in the Minecraft multiverse. The draw distance is very short, and there’s a thick, grey fog obscuring the boundaries of what is being rendered. There’s no skybox, and hitting the edge of the world (which doesn’t take long) feels jarring.

It’s like a glitch version of the monolith in 2001: A Space Odyssey.

It’s not all bad, though. The game controls really well, better than we would have expected. You’ll automatically jump up onto surfaces one block higher than where you started, and you can create and destroy things with just one finger. Popping blocks into the world by tapping on the screen is satisfying in a very visceral way, and we’re impressed that Mojang was able to come up with such an elegant control scheme for a game that started as a first-person mouse-and-keyboard game. You can control your avatar in either first- or third-person view, as well.

If the price was lower, it’d be easier not to be offended by Minecraft – Pocket Edition’s shortcomings. This release costs about one-quarter of the desktop game’s full price, but it doesn’t feel like it’s close to a quarter of the amount of fun. If this is what Minecraft needs to be to run on a phone, maybe it should just stay off of our pocket-sized devices. It’s possible that Mojang put this out before they should have as a reaction to Junk Jack, but–even though Minecraft is the sandbox mining game and it feels wrong to say this–you’d probably be better off getting a copycat for a dollar.