Moga Teases New Bluetooth Controller

Lately it seems you can hardly turn around without bumping into a new iOS 7 controller announcement. The latest is from Moga, a company that released one of the first iOS 7 controllers to hit the market back in November. Their previous effort was a snap-on shell controller that only worked with certain iPhone models. This new one works using Bluetooth and looks more like an Xbox controller– at least that’s what we’ve gathered from the teaser image they released.

Moga hasn’t offered up any other information, but they’ve said they plan to do a full unveiling of the controller at the Game Developer Conference, which starts March 17. In any case, judging from the pictures we’ve seen of this and other upcoming iOS 7 controllers, it’s probably a good idea to wait for some of them to hit the market before you make a purchase. The controllers that are currently available have plenty of downsides, like price and device compatibility.


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