Modern Combat 3: Fallen Nation Hands-On Preview

For the last two years, Gameloft has appealed to Call of Duty-style shooter fans with their Modern Combat games. Set in real-world locations, the series has featured dramatic single-player storylines and groundbreaking online multiplayer. In the third MC game, this familiar formula is back, and it doesn’t disappoint.

Most of our hands-on time with MC3 focused on the online gameplay. Up to 12 players will be able to duke it out on six maps with seven different modes, including deathmatch, king of the hill, and bomb defusal. All of these modes were quick and exciting, and our character earned experience points for each enemy killed or objective met.

More experience points mean access to more weapons, and if you go on a significant kill streak, you’ll be able to activate radar sweeps and call in air strikes. Call of Duty players out there are probably nodding in approval.

To top it off, MC3 easily has the best graphics of the series so far. A level set in a bombed-out LA office park was filled with realistic looking rubble, and in a Korean missile silo, blue computer terminals and red alarm systems gave off a chilling glow.

Story-wise, MC3 is nothing new– terrorists (North Koreans this time) are plotting an attack on the homeland, and your team of commandos has to chase them around the globe. If making the world safer one headshot at a time is your idea of fun, you’ll definitely want to pick up MC3 when it launches on October 27.

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