MocoSpace Poll Reveals One Big Reason for Mobile Gaming’s Popularity: Boredom

Why do you play video games? Maybe you don’t have much of an answer beyond, ‘Well, they’re games, and they’re there.‘ It’s a good answer, mind, but mobile game community MocoSpace recently conducted a ‘Y U Play?’ survey that provides a great breakdown of the reasons why we play mobile games. Are games fun? Are they cool? Sure, but one of the biggest reasons we play is seemingly because we’re bored.

More than 10,000 game enthusiasts participated in MocoSpace’s poll, which was assembled in April 2012 to discern the reasons why Americans enjoy playing mobile games. 55% of MocoSpace’s active users play mobile games on the network, which numbers over 25 million users in total.

Pet Hotel, one of MocoSpace’s popular offerings.

The survey asked its participants, ‘What is the main reason you play games on your mobile phone?’ They were only allowed to select one answer.

The response breakdown looked like this:

34 percent said: ‘The games are fun.’

32 percent said: ‘Bored / want to kill time.’

10 percent said: ‘I like to compete.’

9 percent said: ‘To meet new people.’

6 percent said: ‘To try something new.’

3 percent said: ‘I’m always on the go.’

3 percent said: ‘To flirt.’

2 percent said: ‘To connect with my friends.’

Less than 1 percent said: ‘To connect with my family.’

Bam! Take that, familial ties!

MocoSpace’s data demonstrates that people prefer making new friends with games versus playing with familiar friends and family members. More than that, though, mobile gamers who are still in school admit to fiddling with their games because school bores them. When MocoSpace asked poll respondents to get a little more specific about why they game in school, here’s what came forth:

42 percent said: ‘Class is boring.’

41 percent said: ‘Have some down time.’

15 percent said: ‘Hooked on the game.’

2 percent said: ‘My classmates play.’

We don’t need no education.

MocoSpace’s poll covers one small corner of the mobile community, but it’s not hard to believe that kids across the developed world are pecking away at their electronics in lieu of listening to their teachers go on about how math is awesome. Educators are at a major crossroads. Do we wrestle away our kids’ electronics and shove their noses back into the textbook, or do we teach them how to use computers and phones as effective research tools? On one hand, kids need discipline and, more than ever, they need to be taught to focus. On the other hand, textbooks are heavy, uninteresting, and often hopelessly outdated. Smartphones, tablets, and PCs have been grafted onto the average kid’s life, and they’re simply not going to budge, no matter how much we try and fight that fact.

Are you a bored student? Or just a bored adult in general? Why do you play mobile games? Take our poll, for science!

Why Do You Play Mobile Games?

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