Mobile Developer Storm8 Passes 10 Million Daily Active Users

Storm8, a major contributor to the social/mobile gaming scene, recently celebrated reaching 10 million daily active users (DAU). That’s double the DAU Storm8 had a year ago. Expanding into the social arcade and social casino genres has helped the studio reach its overall audience of 200 million players. 

“We saw the value of building a mobile game network since Storm8 was founded and this has enabled us to consistently engage our current users and draw in new players,” Storm8 CEO Perry Tam announced in a press release distributed earlier this week. “We’re seeing that a player’s lifetime is three times longer within a mobile game network than with just a single game. This reinforces the importance of expanding into multiple genres and offering high-quality games to extend our footprint in such a hyper growth, hyper competitive industry.”

Storm8 launched in 2009 with a single game, then expanded rapidly to iOS as well as Android/Google Play and the Amazon Appstore. Some of its biggest hits include the mafia-style game iMobsters and the post-apocalyptic war game World War.

Storm8, which is based in Redwood City, California, is an independently-owned company with more than 175 employees.

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