Mizzou J-School To Require iPhone, iPod Touch

The student newspaper at the University of Missouri is reporting that all freshmen entering the journalism school this fall will be required to own an iPhone or iPod touch.

An excerpt:

Brian Brooks, associate dean for undergraduate studies at the journalism school, said the iPod touch or iPhone would be a great advantage for freshman orientation.

Some lectures, such as those for the Career Explorations in Journalism class, will be recorded. Students will then be able to download the recorded lectures to their iPods or iPhones.

Brooks said research indicates students retain the information they have been taught much better if they can go back and listen to the lecture again.

The story reports that the journalism school has been pushing students toward MacBook and MacBook Pro laptops for the last two years, which is a bit surprising seeing as how the majority of news organizations still use PCs outside their graphics and photography departments.

Having a school require an iDevice is hardly unprecedented, with Duke being the first to introduce its iPod program in Fall 2004. Obviously, the iDevice requirement goes without saying for Stanford’s iPhone programming course.

But where the Mizzou program differs is in its specific requirements of the more sophisticated iPhone or iPod touch. With the array of apps available in the App Store, the iDevice’s reputation as an all-purpose magic gadget is certainly growing, and initiatives like this can’t hurt.

Of course, this could seriously backfire from a productivity standpoint. Can’t record a lecture when you’re balls deep in a game of Zen Bound from the back of the lecture hall, right?

[from The Maneater]

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