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Mirror’s Edge Review

Experiencing Mirror’s Edge for iPad as one of the first games on the device was incredible. It earned ‘Must Have’ status without breaking a sweat, and five months later, the same game is breaking ground on the iPhone. Most everything from the iPad version is in this one, so we’ll focus on the updates and changes.

All the single player content in Mirror’s Edge made the port. The same Campaign and Speed Run modes are accounted for. So if you’ve played the iPad edition, there’s nothing new to plow through. New for the iPhone version is nifty Facebook integration with Speed Run. Besides comparing your times with other global players, alerting your buddies to your accomplishments is cake.

Always keep your skills sharp.

One bummer in the iPhone port is the lack of multiplayer modes. iPad users had the option of playing same-screen multiplayer, and while we understand why that couldn’t be ported over, the extra development time could have been spent on pass-n-go or Bluetooth enabled two-player action.

Gameplay is completely smooth and comes across wonderfully on the iPhone 4’s display. Playing Mirror’s Edge is a bit easier on the iPad because distinguishing assets is much easier on a larger screen, and as a result the gesture-heavy action is more precise. The differences aren’t stark, but they are noticeable all the same.

Whatever platform you choose to enjoy Mirror’s Edge on, you’re going to have a blast running through Faith’s world. Congratulations to EA for porting over this ambitious title so flawlessly. For more details on the gameplay, check out our Mirror’s Edge for iPad review.

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