MinMe is a game from , originally released 31st December, 1969

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MinMe Hands-On Preview

Lite versions are doomed. Ever since Apple started allowing paid downloadable content in free games on the App Store, lite versions of games have become immediately outdated. In a lite version, if you decide you want to buy the full game, you have to close out the game, go back to the App Store, and download the full version, probably losing your save file or high score in the process. With in-app purchase on the other hand, all you have to do is click “Buy Now” and voila!

MinMe, a simple but appealing puzzler, is among the games leading the charge. The first 10 levels are available now for free. An update, which has been submitted to Apple, will make 15 levels free and add the option to purchase a pack of 45 additional levels for a dollar. We recently got our hands on a build of the updated version and took it for a spin.

Each level is based on a grid. Some squares are filled in with various colors and some contain numbers. To beat a level, you must make everything vanish by dragging your finger across the colored squares and into the numbered squares. But if a numbered square is a five, you have to pass over exactly five colored squares before landing on the number.

Because the level design starts simple and gets increasingly complex, the gameplay is easier to grasp as you play than it is to explain. The graphics in MinMe are Atari-tastic, and the sound effects seem straight out of Missile Command. The whole presentation is very simple and will certainly appeal to most gamers.

If basic puzzle games made specifically for the touchscreen are your thing, grab up the free levels now, and keep an eye out for the update, which will give you five additional free levels, plus the option to purchase 45 more as DLC. Who needs a lite version?

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