MiniSquadron Special Edition

MiniSquadron Special Edition is a game from , originally released 31st December, 1969

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MiniSquadron Special Edition Review

A little over six months ago, we went absolutely bonkers over MiniSquadron. On every level, it was a triumphant effort that did an amazing job of creating one of the smoothest-controlling shooters we’ve played on the iPhone. When we caught word of a sequel hitting the marketplace, naturally we were excited to get our hands on it. After playing MiniSquadron Special Edition for a bit, consider us both happy and bummed.

Schematically and thematically, this game is cut from the same cloth as its predecessor. All the menus and modes are exactly the same, and that sweet control scheme we fell in love with continues to impress. We did notice some tweaks to make the dogfighting feel more chaotic and difficult, and that’s a positive thing. Also, there’s some new planes and helicopters with a greater spectrum of control that makes different aircraft feel more unique.

Alice in Bomberland.

The most obvious change is in the art direction. Wacky and whimsical rule the day here, and the things they changed from the original look great. New classical music provides atmosphere, but like the original, you can jam to your own tunes, too.

MiniSquadron Special Edition uses a Freemium model that has in-game purchases. After your initial free download, you can play two levels without issue. Sold in level packs of two apiece, another six levels are available, for a combined $2.99.

Though there are some new levels, planes, and powerup abilities, we couldn’t shake the feeling that we’ve taken this flight before. There aren’t any new substantial gameplay mechanics in this sequel, so this game feels like a glorified map pack. Mini-Squadron: Special Edition is a solid package, but think of this as an expansion rather than the next step in this franchise.

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