Miniature Action Game Osmos Coming To iPad and iPhone Soon

Osmos from Hemisphere Games is one of the few games that creates a calming experience, even while still being quite challenging. We loved it on our computers and were very excited to hear it will be floating over to the iPhone and iPad very soon.

In Osmos, you play as a tiny mote that must expand by eating smaller motes while avoiding larger motes that want to eat you. In order to get around, however, you must release miniature motes. Levels have different goals, such as eating a certain larger mote. Sometimes you need to manipulate your mote around gravity wells in order to survive.

A big part of the experience in Osmos is how engaging it is. The ambiance, atmospheric soundtrack, and mellow colors can easily put you in a trance. In fact, even when the game gets difficult it has the ability to keep you relaxed.

For the iPad version, Hemisphere Games has reworked some of the levels, eased the difficulty curve, and added multitouch controls. While using a mouse to control the mote works well, we think this is a game meant for touch-based controls. Since there isn’t much of a user interface in the way, playing it on an iPad could be like having an entire Osmos canvas at your fingertips.

Osmos will be available for the iPad on July 8th for $4.99. An iPhone version is expected to launch about a month later. Expect our review of the game soon after it launches. In the meantime, check out the walkthrough posted by the developer below.

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