Minecraft – Pocket Edition

from Mojang, originally released 17th November, 2011

Minecraft — Pocket Edition is a Universal App! Play on any iPhone and iPad. It’s constantly evolving thanks to our free updates.

Minecraft is about placing blocks to build things and going on adventures!

Minecraft – Pocket Edition To Be Updated Next Month

When Minecraft: Pocket Edition hit the App Store, we were pretty disappointed. It felt unfinished and under-featured, but fortunately the folks at Mojang feel the same way. We’ll be seeing some big changes to the app sometime in February. Mojang’s Daniel Kaplan wrote in a blog today that the next Minecraft: Pocket Edition update will include ‘animals and new blocks,’ as well as lay the ‘foundation for survival [mode].’

It seems like they’ve responded well to the community and understand that people want an experience more comparable to Minecraft proper. They say that they originally set out to make the Pocket Edition a lot like Creative mode, but audience feedback would indicate that people want something else. This update will not introduce crafting to the game just yet, but we’re eager to see the direction Minecraft: Pocket Edition will take.

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News via Gamesindustry:

Microsoft Wants More Minecraft in the Classroom

Microsoft believes there are lots of benefits to putting Minecraft in classrooms. No doubt schoolkids agree.

“Many of the most fun parts of Minecraft, including the collaborative nature of play, the need to experiment, the open world, the earning of achievements, and the growth of players’ in-game characters as well as their personal skill sets, are also key to excellent learning environments.”

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Minecraft: Pocket Edition Updates with Skins and More

After a whole lot of hype, version 0.11.1 of Minecraft: Pocket Edition is finally ready to enter your life. There’s a whole whack of new features, as well as tweaks and fixes.

What’s New in Version 0.11.1
Custom skins
• Skins! Change your in-game look by uploading your own skin or choosing one from our downloadable packs
• Just so you know, the skins update is compatible with Minecraft: Skin Studio, available from the App Store
• One more thing about the skins: you need to pay to unlock some, but loads of them are free, so don’t stress about it too much

Other stuff
• Multiple language support!
• Boats with space for two! Take your pet for a pleasant ride.
• You can also throw stuff from the boats, like snowballs and eggs
• Fishing! Now you can fish for fishies!
• Squids!
• Spider jockeys!
• Cave Spiders!
• Bats!
• Adorable baby zombies!
• Weird chicken jockeys!
• Clownfishes are now edible!
• A fancy new World Edit screen so you can rename worlds, change game mode and do other things
• Creative players can no longer be set on fire phew
• We’ve stopped cheeky chickens from walking on water
• Animals can no longer breed without touching each other ooh err
• Drinking milk now removes mob effects
• Ridiculous amounts of bug fixes
• Loads more cool things that you should discover for yourself!

News via Touch Arcade:

Minecraft: Pocket Edition 0.11 Update Coming Very Soon

It’s been a long time in the making, but it seems Mojang has finally submitted the 0.11 update for Minecraft: Pocket Edition iOS. Now we play the waiting game.

Mojang mentioned that there’ll be different ways to get skins for your character. You’ll be able to get them for free if you upload the skin from the internet (there are a gazillion skins online), you can create your own using the Minecraft: Skin Studio app [$2.99], or use one of the free skins available in game.

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News via Touch Arcade:

The Nether is Coming to Minecraft Pocket Edition

The Nether is literally Minecraft’s hell, a perilous underworld dimension boiling over with lava and crawling with hazards. And it’s been noticeably absent from Minecraft Pocket Edition. That should change soon: Developer Tommaso Checchi revealed The Nether is incoming. No word on when the territory will be implemented, but hopefully it’ll happen before hell freezes over.

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