Minecraft-Inspired Indie Hit Terraria Launches On The App Store Tonight

Later tonight, fans of the extremely popular Minecraft-style exploration and building game Terraria will finally be able to play it on their iOS devices. Like Minecraft, Terraria features a day/night cycle, invading monsters, and an almanac’s worth of building materials and raw supplies. Unlike Minecraft, though, Terraria uses 16-bit, side-scrolling visuals.

If you’ve played a lot of Minecraft, you’ll instantly be familiar with many of Terraria’s features. You can chop down trees with an axe, mine ore with a pickaxe, and swat at enemies with a sword. You’ll also be able to craft buildings and fill them with furniture, which you’ll need to attract non-playable characters to your virtual home. When nighttime falls, enemies will be out in force, so you’ll have to ready your defenses and forge more powerful weapons.

Terraria has been a massive hit on PC, Xbox Live Arcade, and Playstation Network, and we think the iOS version will take off as well. The graphics are charming and adorable, and the desire to harvest and rework every object in the game makes it an addictive experience as well. Terraria is due to launch in the US App Store tonight after 11pm PST.








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