Microsoft’s Xbox One Will Support SmartGlass

The “Xbox Next” finally has a name: Xbox One. Microsoft held a press conference on Tuesday morning that revealed a lot about the newborn system, including a few of its games and capabilities. Of special note was the news that Xbox One will fully support SmartGlass functionality.

Xbox SmartGlass is an application for the Xbox 360 that allows for some mobile devices to serve as a second screen/controller for the console . Microsoft’s Chief Production Officer of Interactive Entertainment Business, Marc Whitten, said that the Xbox One was built from the ground-up to support SmartGlass, and the app will be more widely adopted as a result.


The Xbox One reveal demonstrated tons of voice commands and lots of hand-waving, so it’s no surprise that SmartGlass will let you switch between applications and navigate television menus with hand gestures. We’re all one step closer to resembling Tony Stark when he navigates his blueprints.

[via Polygon]

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