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Mevo and The Grooveriders Hands-On

E3 is truly a global draw. Red Rocket Games CEO Jung Suh flew in all the way from Shanghai with a new music game called Mevo and The Grooveriders in tow. We put on a noise-canceling headset on and dived in for our hands-on.

Mevo and The Grooveriders are fresh faces on the App Store, but they’ve actually been around for a bit on PC gaming service Steam. Suh describes the scaled-down iPhone version as a kind of “rhythm platformer,” where you tap buttons in time with the music to navigate your character through a level. “Our nearest competitor is Tap Tap Revenge, but we’re more of a game,” Suh said.

Mevo is a one-eyed, stylized little dude who runs straight forward along a multi-leveled track, moving in time to the background music. There’s two touch buttons to play, one with a left arrow and one with a right arrow. The idea is to match your button touches with the arrows and symbols on the track as quickly (and accurately) as possible. Skillful play is rewarded with Funk points, an in-game currency that lets you unlock new avatars and dance moves.

The music is provided by Shanghai MFA, which Suh described as “the only funk band in Shanghai.” It is seriously funky stuff, all right–our toes started tapping involuntarily during our demo. Suh intends to turn Mevo into a vehicle for indie DJs using the iPhone OS 3.0 microtransaction model. Access to the user’s iPhone library will also be a possibility.

When the 99 cent title comes out next week, it’ll start out with three stages, difficulty levels, characters, and powerups each. The eventual plan is to release 15 levels via updates.

Mevo and The Grooveriders has definite potential as quick, stylish music game. We’re looking forward to seeing how music gamers react when it comes out next week. We’ll put some assets up as soon as we get them from the developer.

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Cheap Shot: Mevo and the Grooveriders

Need a new rhythm game to jazz up your life? Well, Mevo might have just what you are looking for, if you can get past the fact that his groovy catalogue is quite small.

In Mevo and the Grooveriders: Galactic Tour, you play as a funky-fresh red cyclops who runs along levels, creating music as he goes. But, he needs your help in order to reunite his band and end the world’s silence.

As Mevo lands on an arrow pointing either left or right, you must press the respective button on the bottom of the screen. It comes down to a test of reflexes and rhythm, but in the end everything is just too easy, even on hard difficulty. Plus, there are only three songs in the entire game.

Mevo buys his eye drops by the bucket.

If it sounds like this game is seriously lacking in content, you would be correct. While the music is interesting, usually consisting of mellow and chill vibes, players will easily blast through all three difficulty levels in about thirty minutes.

We did get some laughs out of Mevo’s zany collection of unlockable costumes, including a slick pilot’s uniform, futuristic robot garb, and a gray’¦ thing. Each of these comes with its own power-up, but this just ends up making the game even easier. Mevo and the Grooveriders is a unique idea, but it misses a beat due to a lack of content and low difficulty.

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