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Meteor Blitz HD iPad Review

The original Meteor Blitz hit the App Store in September of last year and earned one of the most glowing reviews we’ve ever written. And for good reason. It’s probably the most over-the-top, viscerally exciting dual-stick shooter on the App Store. So we were understandably pumped about trying out the HD version on the iPad. So how does it hold up?

As awesomely as expected. This is a game that flings enemies and space rocks at you like it’s the grand finale on the fourth of July. Energetic music pumps out of the speaker while you try to keep moving and blasting out bullets. You’re equipped with screen-clearing bombs, three upgradable weapons, and rocket boosters that’ll warp you out of harm’s way when you get overwhelmed. The pacing is perfect, the controls are impossibly smooth, and the graphics pop. This is a game you simply have to play, because superlatives don’t do it justice.

The HD version makes excellent use of the iPad’s screen space. Your ship is fairly tiny in the middle of the screen, which gives you an wide view of your surroundings. This is a good thing, because you have more time to see what’s coming when you’re soaring around the levels. Granted, this game is so full of enemy creatures and floating geology that the extra room won’t give you a huge advantage, but at least your reaction time will be bolstered a little.

Meteor Blitz HD is one of the very best two-stick shooters on the App Store. While no new content has been added to the game, the extra screen real estate makes it easier to see the thousands of enemies coming at you. If you have the option, we’d suggest you get the HD version, but either one is guaranteed to satisfy your action gaming needs.

Editor’s Note: This review only covers the content exclusive to the iPad version of this game. For the full game review, click here.

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