Men's Room Mayhem

Men's Room Mayhem is a game from , originally released 31st December, 1969

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Men’s Room Mayhem Review

The name “Men’s Room Mayhem” sounds pretty dirty. And it is. It’s exactly what you’re thinking, dirty men’s restroom and all. You’ll direct urinating restroom patrons to the right urinal, sort them into stalls, and ensure the floors stay pristine. On top of it all, you’re in charge of their hygiene habits. It sounds extremely crude, but it’s actually an adorable exercise in wave-based puzzling that you wouldn’t expect.

Customers are ready to get down to “business,” and as they file into the men’s room, you must quickly trace a line from them to the correct “relieving facility.” If there’s a yellow icon floating above a patron’s head, direct them to a urinal. If there’s a roll of toilet paper, they’re going to need a bit more privacy — get them to a stall.


Some customers parade in as ticking “time bombs” of sorts, and if you don’t get them to the right place soon, they’ll have an accident in the floor. Once they’re finished (preferably in the right place rather than on the floor like heathens) you can opt to send them to the sink for some much-needed hygienic practices or straight out the exit if you don’t want to worry with the extra points.

Vigilance is necessary, even in such as casual place as the restroom. Make sure you don’t draw any intersecting lines so that patrons don’t bump into each other. They’ll break into fights right in the middle of the room and make that much more of a mess for you to clean up. Between cleaning up after brawls and the messes in the floor, you’re going to be busy. You can tap on fights to break them up and subsequently mop blood off the floor, but you’ll need to be quick about it in the midst of busy waves. Each one only allows for so many accidents, and then it’s game over.


The wave-based gameplay meshes well with multiple achievements for each area, the varied environments, and patron types. There’s nothing novel about the way the idea is executed, but it’s fun enough as it is. What really ties everything together is the silliness of the theme, and how it’s turned what could have easily been an example of bad taste into a fun little time-waster. Men’s Room Mayhem doesn’t do anything new, but what it does it does with finesse. Perhaps it’ll make a fun trip out of your own visits to the men’s (or women’s) room.

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