Mega Jump

Mega Jump is a game from , originally released 31st December, 1969

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Mega Jump Review

With so many copycats in the App Store, it’s easy to get sick of some concepts quickly. The ‘soar as high as you can’ game type isn’t anything new, but Mega Jump still managed to hold our attention because of its superb execution.

Much like in Bird Strike, the goal is to boost the little red monster, Redford, as high as you can by bouncing off of objects (in this case, coins and stars). Each time you hit one, you earn more points.

Along the way are powerups that give you speed boosts, higher bounces, or slow down the rate at which you fall. They can also make life harder for Redford by making him fall faster. We found that the tilt controls work extremely well. While the pace of the game is fast, we never felt like we couldn’t control it.

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The attention to detail in this casual title seals the deal. As you fly higher, the background changes from a lush forest to eerie canopies, and eventually into space. The vibrant graphics and colors, including Redford himself, are also full of personality. Who doesn’t love a tiny red monster with oversized eyes and cute little fangs? Once you get sick of him, one other member of his monster family can be obtained for free, with three more available as in-app purchases that cost $0.99 each.

The game is extremely easy for the first few minutes of each run-through, and we’d like to see a hard mode in the future to bypass this. This oversight does slightly hurt Mega Jump’s lasting appeal.

Mega Jump has OpenFeint leaderboards, and there are already some insane scores we can’t fathom reproducing. We thoroughly enjoyed our time with this game, and can easily recommend it as a joyful little time-waster.

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