Match 3D Flick Puzzle

Match 3D Flick Puzzle is a game from , originally released 31st December, 1969

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Match 3D Flick Puzzle Review

3D space is often a difficult concept to master in a game, and it usually has varying degrees of success. Match 3D has the 3D concept at its core, throwing you at what looks like a giant Rubik’s Cube, composed of smaller cubes with different colors and patterns. You can flick, spin, and shake your way through the sides of the cube. If it sounds disorienting already, that’s because it is.

Match 3D has two primary game modes, Classic and Survival, both with several options among them, like timed and un-timed. Both present a giant cube full of patterned cubes, which you can swap around for matches, though you can only make a swap if it creates a match. Classic refills the cube with more pieces after a match, and Survival leaves that space blank.

Blocks galore.

That’s when Match 3D reminds us of Mahjong Solitaire, because when one piece is cleared and left blank, you can see the other piece on the other side of the cube as well. However, you can’t control it, so it does nothing but test your depth perception. In order to switch over to that piece’s side, you have to flick the cube around using the buttons on the bottom of the screen by or shaking your iDevice.

These controls are not terribly easy to master, and spending the time to find your way around the cube is a waste in a timed game. This is made worse by the black void the cube exists in, which makes it hard to decipher which way is up, if any. Still, this game provides a unique perspective on the Match-3 genre, and it demands some new strategies.

A cube of cubes.

Other than the gameplay, Match 3D has some local leaderboards, but no online scoring or connectivity, which was disappointing. At least the music is good. The default track is a techno beat, which is enjoyable and fitting for the space cube. Also fitting with the space theme are the two other tracks, Jupiter and Mars, which are both bits from stirring classical pieces composed by Gustav Holst. We loved those unique additions, and it made us want to see much more placement of classical music in iDevice games.

Match 3D is a great game which really only needs a few upgrades in its control system for the cube to improve it. Currently, the lack of connectivity and the disorienting look of the cube make it just short of a Must Have game.

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