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Mass Effect 3 Datapad App Launches on App Store

If you’re a fan of the Mass Effect series, and own an iOS device, you’ll want to pick up the free Mass Effect 3 Datapad app from EA that just launched. Read on to find out what’s inside.

Perhaps the best feature in ME3 Datapad are the Codex entries pulled from all three console games in the franchise. These contain extensive background lore for the series, and there’s a lot to read through. Many of the Codex entries have voiceovers pulled straight from the game, so you can have your lore read to you instead of reading it yourself. It’s a welcome bonus that we’re happy made it into this app.

The other main feature of the Datapad is called Galaxy at War: Fleet Commander, which integrates with your Mass Effect 3 game and allows you to raise your galactic readiness rating on the go. It acts as a minigame of sorts: You deploy fleets to complete missions across the galaxy map, and wait for them to return. Missions generally take a couple hours to complete, although you can use credits earned from successful missions to purchase upgrades.

These upgrades include speeding up deployment times, adding fleets, improving the odds of success, and getting more readiness rating per deployment. It’s simple, but a nice alternative for those who don’t want to play Mass Effect Infiltrator or Mass Effect 3’s multiplayer component to raise their rating.

Other Datapad features include trailers, wallpapers, and some humorous mail from characters you’ve run across in Mass Effect 3. There’s also a feed for Mass Effect’s Twitter account, but it’s cluttered with responses to fans.

Mass Effect 3 Datapad is an excellent companion app for the console game, so download it to get more out of your console experience.

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