Marvel XP Videos Hint At Upcoming Mobile Game

When Marvel’s The Avengers hit theaters earlier this year and smashed all box-office records, we were surprised there wasn’t a licensed iOS tie-in game to go along with it. The best we could do was play separate games starring individual members of the Avengers. But now, Marvel is dropping major hints about an upcoming Avengers mobile game through a series of briefing videos.

The only image released so far for the upcoming Marvel mobile game.

The videos come to us through Marvel XP, an in-game service for the Facebook game Marvel: Avengers Alliance. Marvel XP has released three videos so far, detailing a catastrophic event called The Pulse which has knocked out power around the world. Nick Fury, the leader of SHIELD, enacts the Avengers Initiative to protect a secret base in the Rocky Mountains.

Subsequent videos reveal a few of the supervillains who are attacking The Vault, like Zzzax and Wendigo. The third video features discussion of using The Hulk as a possible defense, which is ironic, given that he’s “as much a monster as those things we’re trying to stop.”

We know a bit more about this upcoming game than we’re able to reveal right now, since we don’t want to risk the righteous rage of Nick Fury. This game deserves a fun roll-out, and we’ll spill all the details as soon as we can. Check back soon for more info about Marvel’s next Avengers game.

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