Marvel vs Capcom 2 Heading to iPhone Next Week

Fighting game fans, you’ll want to perk up your ears for this. Capcom has just announced that they’re bringing Marvel Vs. Capcom 2 to the iPhone on Thursday, April 25. It will be a straight port, so it’ll have all 56 characters from the original (28 from Marvel and 28 from Capcom), along with the same crazy three-on-three tag-team fighting. Check out the screenshots below.

No pricing information has been announced yet, but for some context, when Capcom released Street Fighter IV on iPhone two years ago, it cost $9.99 at launch. However, when they released the followup Street Fighter IV Volt last year, it launched for $0.99.

So the pricing is anyone’s guess for now. We’ll know for sure on Wednesday, when the game hits the Australian App Store. Be sure to check our “Big Game Night” article then for details.

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