Marvel Fighting Game Announced

Marvel has taken to Comic-Con to announce its next iOS game. It’s a fighting game called Marvel Contest of Champions that lets spandex-clad superheroes duke it out using fists, boots, and their special abilities. The trailer looks pretty great. Watch it below.

The game is set to release sometime this fall. There’s no word yet on pricing, but because it’s being made by Kabam, a company that specializes in free-to-play games, I’m going to place my bet on a zero dollar price tag.

The one thing I would appreciate in a trailer for a fighting game, however, is that the characters actually fight back. In each little clip in this trailer, one superhero is always whaling on another one who’s not even defending themself. Come on, Juggernaut, fight back! (Each character does fight back when the trailer cycles back through the clips, but then their opponents are just standing there.)

But seriously, the graphics look good, and the attacks look fierce. I’m looking forward to trying this game out.

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