Man of Steel Hands-On Preview

I took a stop by the Warner Bros Interactive booth to check out what’s on display. Was it a bird? A plane? No, it’s licensed mobile game attempting to leverage the excitement around the new Superman movie!

Historically speaking, Superman games have typically sucked. After all, it’s difficult to create a universe where losing is an option for Supes. Besides Doomsday, Superman has rolled up everything that was bold enough to challenge him. That said, I picked up Man Of Steel to see whether the trend of bad Superman games can stop here.

In the curated demo I played, there were two main gameplay scenarios that you encounter as Superman. The first and prominent scenario is hand-to-hand combat. When playing the one-on-one brawls, I kept being reminded of Infinity Blade as it undoubtedly inspired the action here. With directional swipes and executing dodges, Superman beats the heck out of dudes with force. Whether it involved busting bad guys into vehicles or nearby houses, I enjoyed how powerful Superman felt.

The other style of gameplay was flight combat. In the course of action, you can occasionally pick up your enemy and fly them through buildings, billboards, and other obstacles littering the path ahead. These moments are short lived, but add a nice change-up to the combat.

Much like Infinity Blade, you can level up your armor and abilities, particularly to help you manage the game’s Survival Mode where you fight endless waves of enemies until Superman can’t take any more. Warner Bros is banking on this mode to add legs after you complete the two hour-ish Campaign Mode.

Man of Steel looked and played well on the show floor. The big question that lingers is whether there’s enough depth to make it a mainstay on your phone or tablet. Man of Steel will arrive this Friday on iOS and Google Play at $2.99 and $4.99, for the phone and tablet versions respectively.

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