MAME Returns to the App Store Bundled With Gridlee

MAME, the arcade emulator, is back on the App Store—for now, and in a rather roundabout way. Last week saw the release of a free app called Gridlee, a shooter game that was originally conceived for the ‘80s arcade scene. Gridlee never received its arcade release, but its developer, Videa, has allowed the ROM to be copied and distributed for non-commercial use. ROMs need a home to function, and it just so happens the iOS version of Gridlee comes packed with the fruits of the MAME4iOS Reloaded project

If Gridlee isn’t your cup of tea, it just so happens that MAME4iOS can play other ROMs that might be more to your liking, if you have the know-how. Strictly coincidental, of course.

In 2011, an arcade emulator called iMAME was made available on the App Store, but it was pulled quickly by Apple. In other words, if you’re nostalgic for fun times with arcade emulation on the go, you might want to grab Gridlee as quickly as possible. It won’t be long before Apple reads between the lines of the App’s awesome user reviews, including this one from “Boberttiswas:”

“At first glance, [Gridlee] might seem quite underwhelming, but stick with it and you’ll find a number of features under the bland exterior that make this game so fun, it’s almost as if you’re playing a whole load of completely different games.”

[via PocketGamer]

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