Makers of ‘Horn’ Announce Upcoming Game

Phosphor, the makers of Dark Meadow and Horn, have just announced their next game. It’s called WARP, which stands for Warriors of the Red Planet. The game, which takes place on Mars, is billed as “the ultimate 3 on 3 Team Battle Platformer.” You can watch a gameplay trailer below.

Unlike Phosphor’s previous outings, the game will be a side-scroller, and free to play. Although the focus is on the multiplayer team battles, there is a single-player mode, where you can practice your skills and level up your character until you’re ready to hop online to duke it out against real combatants.


Based on the trailer, WARP looks like it’s filled with fast-paced action, with six people filling the screen with lasers, jumps, dashes, grenades, and grappling hooks. Even if it might be hard to keep track of your character, it still looks like a chaotic good time.

There’s no word yet on when the game will launch, but you can pre-register for the beta here.

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