Mailboxing is a game from , originally released 31st December, 1969

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Mailboxing Review

If Grand Theft Auto 3 is a Master’s course in mayhem, Mailboxing is Intro to Anarchy 101. In this high-score driving and action game, you’re more of a vandal than a criminal mastermind. You’ll drive through a neighborhood smashing mailboxes, running over pedestrians, and racing from the cops. It’s less violent than GTA3, but only slightly.

Mailboxing is controlled by tilting your device. Your character’s car can be in either the left lane or the right lane, and a tap on the screen will swing a baseball bat out the window. The goal is to earn the highest score you can, and hitting successive mailboxes will raise your score multiplier.

One for the road.

You’ll have to swerve to avoid traffic, pedestrians, cats, and cops. Cops are especially persistent– if you clip them or bash a mailbox while they’re on screen, they’ll briefly give chase, which causes you to drive a lot faster. Other obstacles will damage you and cause you to waste gas. As you’re causing chaos, you’ll have to pick up gas tanks to keep your vehicle moving forward.

In addition to regular mailboxes, there are golden mailboxes to smash, explosive mailboxes which cause you damage, and trash cans which are just another type of object to club. Keeping a combo string going is the trickiest part of the game, because hitting any obstacle or missing any object to smash will reset your multipliers.

Ridin’ dirty.

Mailboxing has an excellent visual style that make it seem almost cartoon-like. It’s hard to get too upset about running over little old ladies when the graphics are so lighthearted. You’ll make turns automatically, and you can’t explore the city on your own, so Mailboxing is definitely not an open-world crime game. However, we’d be interested to play more minigames or modes set in other parts of town.

Endless high-score games, fun and replayable as they might be, can’t offer the depth of full console games like Mailboxing’s inspiration, GTA 3. Even if it’s not too ambitious, Mailboxing is a quick, fun, and challenging game that’s all about fast reflexes. If you enjoy GTA’s antisocial sense of humor, you’ll probably like Mailboxing as well.

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