Madfinger Reveals Shadowgun Multiplayer Spin-off

At CES this week, Madfinger Games announced a multiplayer follow-up to their amazing-looking third-person shooter Shadowgun. Shadowgun: Deadzone will support 8-player deathmatch and team deathmatch, but it will launch exclusively on Nvidia Tegra-powered Android devices instead of iOS.

That’s not to say it won’t ever come out on iOS. Last year, Gameloft launched their pirate-themed action game BackStab exclusively on the Android smartphone Xperia Play before releasing it on the App Store a few months later.

Shadowgun is a series that we think has a lot of potential, despite its obvious influence from Gears of War. The upcoming multiplayer mode, which will launch as a separate app instead of an update, will also add new controls like sprint and roll, plus character leveling and more weapons.

Shadowgun: Deadzone will launch on the Android Market around March 2012. We’ll bring you more details on the unconfirmed but expected iOS version when we can.

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