Mad Chef Hands-On Preview

Foursaken Media have tackled some icky subjects in their previous games, like NY Zombies and Bug Heroes. But neither zombies nor bugs quite compare to the gross-out factor of serving pigeon burgers and “ratwurst” to hungry customers in Mad Chef.

Mad Chef is a madcap action game that combines several different elements, similar to the way Bug Heroes combined twin-stick shooters with tower defense games and action-RPGs. The most apparent influences in Mad Chef appear to be time management restaurant games like Stand O’ Food, where you assemble orders for customers, and the flying raw ingredients of Fruit Ninja.

You play as a chef who wants to take his business from a street cart to a five-star restaurant. You start with only a couple of recipes, like rat and pigeon sandwiches, but will eventually be able to unlock more advanced recipes by earning money and upgrading your refrigerator.

You’ll also be able to spend money on advertising, which builds your reputation and earns you money when you’re not playing. Plus, you can pay to send your soux chef to cooking school, so he only tosses the right ingredients your way during the lunch rush.

To earn money in the game, you have to serve meals to your customers as quickly as possible. Your soux chef will toss out the ingredients in a flurry, and you have to tap on the correct ingredients to throw a knife at them and assemble the dish. When you hit an ingredient, it explodes all over the place, filling the screen with shreds of lettuce, blobs of mustard, or pigeon feathers.

Not only does Mad Chef have a unique art style, with Playmobil-style characters and colorful outdoor environments, but it has a lot of depth as well. Once you start earning money in the game, you’ll have several different ways to spend it. Plus, there are bonus modes in the game, like take-out mode, where you have to only tap certain types of ingredients, such as breakfast foods. If this genre-crossing smorgasbord sounds appetizing to you, you’ll be able to order Mad Chef from the App Store in just a few weeks.

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