MacGuffin’s Curse Hands-On Preview

At last week’s GDC, we received a hands-on demo of a unique puzzle/ adventure game hybrid from Brawsome and Ayopa called MacGuffin’s Curse. In it, you play as a down-on-his-luck magician named MacGuffin who tries to steal an amulet from a museum, only to have it turn him into a werewolf. Lycanthropy has its advantages, though, like freakish strength, perfect for pushing around heavy machinery as MacGuffin tries to make his escape.

Each room of the museum takes up one screen, divided into an 11×9 grid. You’ll have to use certain tiles, where the moonlight reaches the floor, to transform between MacGuffin the human and MacGuffin the werewolf. As a human, you can activate hand scanners and crawl through narrow openings, but as a werewolf, you can drag around heavy blocks to activate switches.

With 150 levels, there are plenty of puzzles for you to solve, but MacGuffin’s Curse also has a story that unfolds through comic-style cutscenes and dialogue with other characters. In the first chapter, MacGuffin will encounter the leader of a biker gang inside the museum, and you’ll have to defeat him and other bosses by solving puzzles.

MacGuffin’s Curse has seamless controls– instead of a virtual D-pad, you can swipe anywhere on the screen to move MacGuffin. Swiping with two fingers will let you drag or push objects, making great use of your device’s multitouch and leaving the rest of the screen clear for the puzzles.

MacGuffin’s Curse is the kind of game we like to see more of on iOS– a blending of genres, with an original story and characters, all designed for a touchscreen. It’ll be available as a universal app on April 19 for $4.99.

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