Lunar: Silver Star Story Touch Coming to the App Store This Week

Sometimes you just have to sit back and really appreciate living in the future. Lunar: Silver Star Story Complete, a role-playing game that occupied two PlayStation CDs back in 1999, is being adapted for iOS as Lunar: Silver Star Story Touch.

The Lunar series has enjoyed a cult following since the 1994 release of Lunar: Eternal Blue on the Sega CD. The games are famous for stirring soundtracks, personable characters, solid RPG mechanics, and (depending on which game you’re playing) bizarre translation work from the now-defunct Working Designs studio.

Screenshot from the PlayStation release of Lunar: Silver Star Story Complete

Lunar: Silver Star Story tells the tale of Alex, a young village boy who aspires to be a Dragonmaster like the legendary hero, Dyne. He sets off on a seemingly petty quest and is inevitably pulled into turmoil that’s being cast across the world courtesy of one Magic Emperor. Cue lots of leveling-up, good times between friends, and hitting monsters with sharp sticks.

The iOS adaptation of Silver Star Story is being handled by SoMoGa, the same company that brought another Sega CD classic, Vay, to iOS. As it turns out, Vay didn’t age very well. Hopefully, SoMoGa’s adaptation of Lunar will scratch RPG fans’ nostalgic itch while providing a satisfying experience for RPG lover born outside of the ‘˜90s.

Lunar: Silver Star Story Touch hits the App Store later this week.

[via SoMoGa]

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