Lords of New York Hands-On Preview

At PAX East, we caught up with Lunchtime Studios to see their first project, Lords of New York. Lords of New York is a Prohibition-era title that features a rich art style, branching story development based on your choices, and poker as its principle gameplay.

The demo we played placed us in the shoes of a mobster named Vince looking to increase his favor with the boss. Vince plans to make a killing playing cards with a boatload of cash that was supposed to be used to pay off a crooked cop. The short demo offered enough dialogue options for us to see drastically different outcomes for our protagonist. The full release will feature a handful of playable characters with their own storylines and character interaction.


The poker gameplay is a standard fare, but the character dialogue and animation make it a visual treat. You’ll learn a lot about the other denizens of Lords of New York at the poker table, and the more you know about your opponents, the easier it will be to take all thier chips.

The full release will be available on multiple platforms, but the iPad version we played on the show floor was stable and had impressive visuals. With its slick artistic direction and branching story lines, Lords of New York have may you going all in. The Lunchtime Studios team is currently seeking funding on KickStarter.


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