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Soft Landing is a game from , originally released 31st December, 1969

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Location-Aware Scoring Next Step On App Store?

Jim Caralis of Geocade wrote in to let us know that his company has launched a new location-aware leaderboard platform for iPhone games–meaning that local bragging rights will soon be a reality in a lot of games, whether you’re ready for it or not!

According to company’s press note, Geocade’s technology uses iPhone (and Google Android) GPS to divvy up scores into city-, state-, country-, and worldwide leaderboards. The platform also enables location-based advertising, as well as contests, and it’s free for developers. The overall idea is to “[bring] those days when it was cool to have a high score at the local arcade back to gaming,” says Caralis. A dozen developers are reportedly integrating Geocade into their games at present time.

The first Geocade App is a free quickie game called Soft Landing, a bit of topical gallows humor where you try to stabilize and land the Treasury Building using tilt controls. We have two things to say about the game itself: free is definitely the right price, and we sincerely hope that managing a “soft landing” in real life won’t be as challenging as it is here… or everyone should start stockpiling canned goods and ammo!

In any case, the game works splendidly as a proof-of-concept for Geocade. We’re currently vacationing in Florida, and as soon as we uploaded our (rather terrible) high score to the server, the rest of this particular section of the Florida Keys popped up to represent. We’re probably even less likely to be competitive back home in San Francisco, unfortunately.

Local high scores definitely add a little something to the game experience, and if Geocade is as much of a turkey solution as it purports to be, we’re all for it. We loved the feature in Frenzic.

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