Liqua Pop

Liqua Pop is a game from , originally released 31st December, 1969

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Liqua Pop Review

If you’re the sort of gamer whose eyes water and knees go to jelly when you get your hands on a new Match-3 puzzler, Liqua Pop is definitely one you should consider. Instead of boring old blocks or gems, this game has you matching colorful drops of liquid on a leaf.

These drops can be dragged around with your finger, and if you combine four of the smallest droplets, you’ll get a bigger drop that you can pop with a quick shake or flick. Your goal is to pop enough blobs to coax a friendly-looking toad to the top of the screen. Pop blobs, coax toad to top.

Liqua Pop has a very fun gameplay mechanic at the center of it– we were hypnotized just by the jelly-like motion of the drops as they scoot around the screen. Plus, bonus power-up bugs will perform interesting actions like scrambling the drops, turning them all one color, or blowing them up.

Fun with food coloring.

Liqua Pop features a lengthy adventure mode, where you have to run through a series of levels. However, these start to become a bit tedious once you’ve unlocked all the power-up bugs, and the game offers no survival mode or timed mode to give your brain a break. We definitely hope to see more modes added in future updates.

Also, the high-score system in the game didn’t satisfy us. You have to use Facebook to compare scores online, instead of a social gaming network like OpenFeint or Game Center. We understand that Facebook integration leads to some good free advertising, but it’s not the network of choice for many iOS gamers.

Liqua Pop is an absorbing Match-3 puzzler, but it needs new modes and a revamped high-score system to get our highest recommendation. Pick this one up if you’re looking for an iPhone game that’s soothing and visually stimulating, and hope for more modes in the future.

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