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Let’s Golf! First Look

Gameloft just dropped a batch of preview screens for a new golf game called Let’s Golf! in our inbox.

We have no further details at this time, other than the fact that the game is due out towards the end of February. To our eye, it looks as though Let’s Golf! might fall towards the casual end of the golf game spectrum, unlike Gameloft’s own Vijay Singh Golf titles, which are a bit more realistic-looking.

As always, we’ll post more details as we get ’em.

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Let’s Golf! Review

Gameloft’s Let’s Golf! is a fantastic casual golf game all the way around. It owes much to console games like Hot Shots Golf, and that’s a good thing — it brings the same level of fun and polish to a much smaller screen.

In Let’s Golf!, after a sweeping introduction across the course, your character tees up and waits while you plan your perfect shot. You can cycle through a list of clubs and even see the projected landing area for the ball on the mini-map as birds chirp and other golfers whistle in the background. You can also move your target in this view. If you move it far enough forward or backwards, the game even changes the club for you.

Swinging uses a half-circular meter; there is also an “advanced” control, which brings up a trickier touch meter. Once mastered it can add a more realistic feel. While your ball is mid-flight, a larger golf ball appears on the screen, giving you the option to spin it to affect how the ball rolls on the ground. The physics are pretty good, but the ball doesn’t always react realistically after it hits the ground. The audience is always on hand to provide you with commentary on your better — or worse — shots.

There are four different categories of gameplay. Instant Play puts is a quick three-hole run, each a random hole from a different country. It lets you pick one of four characters — two girls, two guys — with different strengths and weaknesses. The Multiplayer mode offers options for pass-and-play on one device or Wi-fi.

Tournament is the campaign mode. The game starts with two character choices, two course choices — the other two of each need to be unlocked — and the number and selection of holes (front nine, back nine, random, 18) to play. If you rank, you can get anything from a new outfit to a new haircut or nothing at all. You need to rank in all four parts of the course to unlock any new characters or courses. Finally, there is Free Hole, which is any selection of holes on any of the four courses — Fiji, USA, England, and Scotland — with any of the four characters.

There’s a handy in-game menu accessible at all times with the score sheet, volume control and restart. We love mulligans! If you get interrupted, the game will pause, and if you leave during Tournament or Free Hole, you can to continue where you left off. There is no save feature, however.

Let’s Golf’s rich graphics, gameplay, polish and game options makes for a great game for golf fans and casual sports gamers alike.

Let’s Golf Hands-On

We got a chance to hit the virtual iPhone links with Let’s Golf late last week at a meeting with Gameloft, and the embargo just lifted on our preview. Details and video within!

Let’s Golf is a casual golf title in the mold of the Hot Shots Golf games, meaning that it’s not overly concerned with stuff like modeling the creases in Tiger’s slacks. The golfers are cartoony, and most of the gameplay runs through a typical half-circle swing meter.

That doesn’t mean the game lacks for features, though. The golf controls should be familiar to anyone who’s played a console or PC golf game. You have access to a full set of clubs, as well as a mini-map for aiming purposes–you touch right and left to adjust your aim–and a grid overlay to read the putting greens. Also, you can apply spin to the ball in mid-air by swiping across a ball icon in the corner of the screen. It’s not strictly in accord with the laws of physics, but it’s kind of cool nonetheless.

Let’s Golf includes four 18-hole courses, four golfers (with various unlockable outfits), tournament and fast-play modes, and 2-player action over WiFi or using pass-and-play. It’s not fancy, but we think that it ought to satisfy those looking for a quick, playable golf game. It should be available sometime next week for $5.99.