Let’s Create! Pottery HD Adds 3D Printing For Virtual Creations

Games like Let’s Create! Pottery HD let you fill your iOS’s hard drive with virtual pottery of all sizes, shapes, and color, but thanks to a recent update, you can now fill up your home’s shelf space as well. Instead of just taking a screenshot of your creation, a recent update connects Let’s Create! Pottery to Sculpteo, a company that will 3D print you a miniature version of your exact pot for as little as $15.

After creating a clay pot in the game, you can hit a new “print” button to see prices and choose one of three different sizes: 5cm, 9cm, and 14cm. They also vary dramatically in price: A small pot costs only around $15, a medium-sized pot costs around $50, and a large pot (still only about the size of your hand) will cost around $300.


Even though it’s expensive, from our time with this app, we think this integration could be a real leap forward for iOS gaming. Not only can you express yourself creatively with the game’s virtual sculpting controls, but now you can buy yourself a real-life trophy and reminder of your best works. Imagine if this technology extended to other games– you could 3D-print custom-made level maps, miniature versions of your avatar, or save yourself an Amazon order by printing your own Angry Birds merchandise.

Let us know if you’re planning to use this new feature, and send us screenshots or photos of your best creations! And if you have more ideas for games that would benefit from a 3D printing feature, let us know in the comments. We’d like to think that for many budding sculptors, these iOS tools will provide a new way to express themselves creatively.

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