League of Evil

League of Evil is a game from , originally released 31st December, 1969

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League of Evil Review

League of Evil isn’t going to shock you with originality. Everything found within the game pulls from classic platforming conventions. This is to be expected due to the inherent run-and-jump nature of the platformer. However, what League of Evil lacks in originality it makes up for in spit-shine polish, style, and design.

League of Evil’s gameplay involves avoiding hammers and spikes, and killing soldiers and ninjas in order to reach (and slaughter) the scientist at the end. Your character has the ability to double-jump, jump off walls, and, of course, attack. Responsive touch controls make these maneuvers possible.

Frickin’ laser beams!

Each level is carefully designed to be challenging, but ultimately completable. As long as you don’t give up after dying a few times you’ll always pull through. Because of this, completing each level is a genuinely rewarding feeling.

Replay value comes in attaining a three-star time ranking and collecting a hidden suitcase in each level. These suitcases are placed in hard-to-reach areas, but they’re fun to try to grab. Collecting suitcases and achieving three-star rankings grants you Game Center achievements.

Holy spinning hammers, Batman!

League of Evil’s pixel art is top-notch. Couple it, as they do, with retro chiptune music that changes with each environment, and you’ve got an aesthetically pleasing package. Then again, it can be hard to mess up pixel art.

The one disappointment with League of Evil is that it doesn’t have a whole lot of content. Granted, it contains 14 more level than its Flash counterpart, but you can blaze through the levels in less than an hour. While we commend the developer for including new content in the first place, you can still get the majority of the game for free in your browser. However, the $0.99 price point for this game on the App Store makes what you are getting with this ‘premium’ edition more than satisfying, and the developer has said they plan to add more content through updates.

Even after completing all 54 of League of Evil’s levels with three stars and suitcases, we were hungry for more. This is a quality game that takes what other platformers have done, and does it better.

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