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Langdell Takes On Killer Edge Racing

With Edge Games’ action against the iPhone game Edge seemingly now having come to a close (Mobigame’s David Papazian telling Eurogamer that Edge Games’ lawyers had effectively fled), the company’s head Tim Langdell now seems to have turned his attention to another App Store title: Video Mind Games’ Killer Edge Racing.

Video Mind’s founder Nalin Sharma has revealed to Pocket Gamer that Langdell has written to Apple, asking for Killer Edge Racing to be removed from the App Store because of possible trademark infringements. Edge Games has reportedly moved to register both “Killer Edge Racing” and “Killer Edge Racers” as trademarks in the States.

All sound wildly familiar? Yes, Landgell’s decision to take on Sharma seems to be following the same path laid down by his dispute with Mobigame, with the developer’s reputed forthcoming game “Racers, a game by Edge” for PS3, Xbox 360, Wii and PC no doubt the motivation behind his latest challenge.

Sharma plans to take on Langdell’s latest bid to have a game removed from the App Store. The developer told the site that he’s already instructed his lawyers to contact both Apple and Langdell and co. to inform all parties that Langdell’s challenge is a faulty one for numerous reasons, such as the current dispute between Edge Games and Electronic Arts over the use of the word “Edge”.

“Dr Langdell has persistently and ineffectively pursued a number of companies for their use of the term ‘Edge’ in their products,” Sharma’s lawyers, Sheridan’s Solicitors, state in their letter, pointing out that Langdell’s own comes with a “number of inaccuracies.’

Though Edge Games seemed to have been dealt a blow by Mobigame’s recent “victory”, this one could still run for a few months by itself. Hopefully we’ll learn more about this situation soon.

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