Lame Castle

Lame Castle is a game from , originally released 31st December, 1969

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Lame Castle Review

Lame Castle has an interesting history. Developer Bradley Johnson wanted to respond to one of the annoying ‘Marcus PSP’ commercials in which a game called ‘Lame Castle’ was shown on an iPhone. So, he created this little run-and-jump gem that is just the opposite of lame.

Like in any run-and-jump game, your character (in this case, a knight) runs along horizontal platforms, jumping over gaps. Lame Castle doesn’t focus so much on jumping over holes as it does racking up point combos by punting chickens, smashing rocks, and looting chests. Each hit you get on any of these objects without breaking a chain results in higher scores.

Chicken in the bread pan pickin’ out dough.

Lame Castle has 24 levels, each of which has a bonus objective that requires you to get a high score or rack up a certain amount of points from chickens, chests, or rocks. As you move through these levels, new endless mode variations will unlock, including some where you only get points for one particular action. One problem with the bonus objectives is that they get extremely repetitive, but they aren’t necessary unless you’re hunting for achievements.

Game Center leaderboards and achievements are available for all modes. There’s also a leaderboard that combines all your scores from the various levels into one.

We enjoyed Lame Castle, even if this genre has been done to death. It has a certain charm about it that kept us coming back. Besides, who doesn’t love punting chickens? The only thing better would be if we could plaster Marcus’ face onto them.

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