LAD is Coming to iOS, and it Might Look a Bit Familiar

What’s this? Limbo for iOS? Not quite. Black Chair Games, the studio behind titles like Line Ar(X) and Star Serum, is putting together a puzzle-platforming game that looks a little bit like a previous adventure starring a shadowy boy in a shadowy land. But Black Chair Games’ founder, Keith Curtis, promises that his game, LAD, is quite different.

Though Curtis states outright that his game is graphically inspired by Playdead’s 2010 indie hit, LAD’s gameplay appears to be oriented more towards puzzle-solving. Limbo certainly had its share of puzzles (and giant’¦creeping’¦spiders), but there was also a great deal of platforming involved, too. By comparison, if you look at the trailer for LAD, you’ll see a special emphasis on solving puzzles. And let’s be honest here: regardless of whether we’re talking about Limbo or LAD, there’s still something insanely creepy about stark silhouettes creeping along in a ghostly world.

What do you think? Does Playdead have a claim on little lost boys staggering around in a grey purgatory, or does the theme have a timeless quality that belongs to everyone? Will you look past LAD’s ‘inspiration’ long enough to see if the game speaks in its own voice? Or have you just had it with mobile games that are seemingly derivative of previous hits, regardless of whether or not said games stand on their own merit?

Finally: do you ever picture that mammoth spider from Limbo reaching out from your closet to touch your face whenever you get up in the middle of the night to use the washroom? Try it. You’re welcome.

LAD will be out later this year for iOS, Mac, Android, and Kindle Fire.

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